The Story
Historical Background for Story:
The Aurican Empire was composed of three isles: Imperia, Lividia, and Visteria. As a whole they were commonly referred to as The Empire, for generations they were ruled by the Auric Family. The Empire was a peaceful and functioning power for centuries. Eventually The Empire had discovered an uninhabited island to the far northeast, and decided to colonize it. The new island was named Subrosa. The Empire was an oppressive force for the Subrosian colonists, eventually leading to revolt. During the Subrosian Revolts, Emperor Durek of Imperia got involved with idolatry and made a deal with The Collector. The Collector was one of the two deities from the banished religion called Dualism. Dualist zealots had infiltrated Emperor Durek’s council and gained his loyalty. The zealots summoned The Collector for an audience with Emperor Durek. The Collector told the Emperor that he was destined to lose the colony Subrosa, and that the Empire would crumble under an inevitable mutiny. The Collector assured Emperor Durek that his legacy would live on, despite the loss of the war and dissolution of The Empire. The Collector went on and promised his heir’s protection, so that one day the family could regain control of the isles. This would only be possible under the agreement that Emperor Durek would pursue the war efforts and swear all the souls of his fallen soldiers to The Collector.
The Emperor was suspicious but felt he had nothing to lose. What The Collector did with the souls of the dead did not concern the egotistical Emperor. His only worry was securing his legacy. The Emperor swore a binding oath in a blood ritual with The Collector. He had to provide his soldiers with a tincture that would bind their souls into The Collector's Realm known as the "Aether", this process indefinitely bound their souls into a deep and dark abyss. 
Emperor Durek increased his war efforts overseas, he was finally gaining the upper hand but the people of The Empire were being pushed too hard, their once beloved homeland had become militarized and fractured. It tore families apart and the sense of nationalism began to falter . In the end and to everyone’s surprise it was not the Subrosians who defeated the Empire. With all the military overseas in Subrosa the Empire's capital stood defenseless. A militia formed and they stormed the Imperial Palace. That mutiny within the palace is what sealed the fate of the Empire. The mutineers slaughtered the Imperial family, but to their surprise they could not find the Crown Prince, the young boy had vanished. After the Emperor's death, the three isles divided into independent nations. The isles retained their names: Lividia, Imperia, and Visteria. In history this event became known as "The Fall of The Empire".
As soon as the Empire fell word traveled quickly to Subrosa. What remained of the Imperial forces withdrew from the colony, Subrosa had finally gained its independence. Few ships sailed home
22 years after "The Fall of The Empire": All across the three isles whispers about the missing Crown Prince could be heard. Vito Auric II: heir to The Empire was still alive. In Imperia he started to rally the people to his side, his followers became known as Royalists. Vito was able to quickly overthrow the flimsy government and take back his family palace. The young Vito was only 26 years old but he was extremely charismatic and cunning. Once he gained favor of the nobility his reign began. It remains a mystery how Vito stayed alive for 22 years and how he was able to avoid execution during The Fall of The Empire.

Plot Summary:
Fast forward 21 years: The story follows Dex, the son and apprentice of a mercenary in Subrosa. His lust for independence has him leave his family and embark on a new journey to becoming a city guard. Despite his efforts he cannot obtain a job as a guard. Instead he is offered a bodyguard position, for a Subrosian Senator. A childhood friend named Marcia Gracely, the daughter of the senator, was able to help Dex get the job.
While working for Senator Gracely, Dex finds himself immersed in a sea of secrets and lies. A now outlawed religion called Dualism is reforming, and the devout followers are involved in a widespread cult. The cult has rooted itself deep in Subrosa to Dex’s surprise. Members of government, scholars, and children have become engulfed in this epidemic. The cults have reawakened dark forces and have discovered dark artifacts. Ones that could put the world on the brink of annihilation. 
Whilst performing a seemingly philanthropic quest, Dex uncovers a cultist hideaway. It is there he uncovers the Dualist Mirror, an artifact capable of unleashing the souls from the Aether into their own world. A scramble for the artifact ensues once the mirror’s existence is uncovered. This sets the Empire and Subrosa at odds. Unbeknownst to them, the object they so dearly seek holds the potential to have them all destroyed.
Meanwhile across the western seas, the Emperor struggles with managing his own councils. Vogan: a powerful magister, tampers in science and dark arts for the benefit of the Empire. He soon uncovers the secrets of the past and plans on using this knowledge to expand the power of the Empire. .
When Dex crosses paths with the mirror he experiences something unlike anything imaginable. The idols behind the glass have a thirst for power and freedom, it is up to the world to keep it at bay. Dex lands himself right in the middle of this conflict. His choices will determine his fate.  Along the way Dex meets companions, adversaries, and romantic interests. It is as much as their story as it is Dex’s.
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